GSM and W-CDMA operators around the World

In this page you have to choose the region you are interested into, and of course the single country you are looking information for. We try to add more countries and to keep the offers as much updated as possible, but any help from our users is always more than welcome: you cancontact us by e-mail to keep the site updated.

European Union Rest of Europe Asia & Middle East
at Austria al Albania af Afghanistan
be Belgium ad Andorra am Armenia
be Bulgaria by Belarus az Azerbaijan
hr Croatia ba Bosnia & Herzegovina bh Bahrain
cy Cyprus fo Faroe Islands cn China, People's Republic of
cz Czech Republic gl Greenland ge Georgia
dk Denmark gg Guernsey hk Hong Kong
ee Estonia is Iceland in India
fi Finland he Jersey id Indonesia
fr France ks Kosovo ir Iran
de Germany li Liechtenstein il Israel
gi Gibraltar mk Macedonia (FYROM) jp Japan
gr Greece man Man, Isle of kz Kazakhstan
hu Hungary md Moldova (incl. Transnistria) mv Malaysia
ie Ireland mc Principality of Monaco mv Maldives
it Italy cg Montenegro nk Nagorno-Karabakh
lv Latvia nc Northern Cyprus (see Turkey) om Oman, Sultanate of
lt Lithuania no Norway pk Pakistan
lu Luxembourg ru Russia ps Palestinian Authority
mt Malta sm San Marino ph Philippines
nl Netherlands rs Serbia qa Qatar
pl Poland ch Switzerland sa Saudi Arabia
pt Portugal tk Turkey sg Singapore
ro Romania ua Ukraine sg Sri Lanka
sk Slovakia tw Taiwan
si Slovenia tj Tajikistan
es Spain th Thailand
se Sweden ae United Arab Emirates
uk United Kingdom uz Uzbekistan

North & South America Africa Pacific
ar Argentina dg Algeria au Australia
br Brazil bw Botswana fj Fiji
ca Canada eg Egypt nz New Zealand
ky Cayman Islands ke Kenya
cl Chile ma Morocco
co Colombia na Namibia
cu Cuba sn Senegal
do Dominican Republic sc Seychelles
sv El Salvador za South Africa
fr French Caraibes tz Tanzania
jm Jamaica tn Tunisia
mx Mexico
py Paraguay
pe Peru
lc St.Lucia
pm St.Pierre et Miquelon
vc St.Vincent & Grenadines
us USA
ve Venezuela

Debiting method explanation

for every prepaif tariff of each operator the debiting method is indicated by 2 numbers separated by a "slash" ("/") symbol.
The first number indicates the duration in seconds of the first billing, while the second number indicates the duration, in seconds, of the following billings. So, for example, a 60/1 taxation means that you pay for the whole first 60 seconds, then you pay for just the seconds you "use"; a 60/30 means that, after the first minute, you pay every 30 seconds (anticipated); 1/1 is the "pure" per second billing.