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Default UK, Netherlands, France roadtrip - 05-06-2013, 06:00

Hello everyone.

First of all, before saying search the forums for answer or the internet, I want to tell you I already did search on quite some forum and other sites.

I juste want an opinion grom you guys. What should I choose in between

1) Wind (Italy) and use their roaming plan
2) Local SIM in those 3 countries
3) Any other suggestion you have?

First of all, here are my needs : I plan using mostly data, some texts, almost no talking (since I'll have internet and call with Skype). Therefore, what is best considering I will travel from Paris (4 days), to London (4 days) and Amsterdam (3 days)?

I came up with these

1) Wind (Italy) : "They have the cheapest European roaming rates. It's €15 per week for 400MB of data, then you add on voice for €0.50 per day - you're charged a flat roaming rate of €0.08 per minute for calls received, and €0.20 per minute for calls you've initiated. This is from anywhere in Europe. SMS is a standard €0.10 rate sent/received I believe."

I got this from another site, but I couldn't seem to find the mentionned plan. The only thing I found was a 9EUR/week for 100MB of data to use in any UE country.

2) Local SIM (haven't searched for Netherlands yet):
For FRANCE : With Orange you pay around 8EUR for the SIM card which comes with 5EUR of credit. This gives me access to 100MB of data.

For UK : I've found an Pay As You Go and it was something like 10GBP for 500MB of data + 300 texts + 10GBP credit to use for something else. This included the SIM card.

For NETHERLANDS : I'm still looking/awaiting suggestions

3) Any other things you guys suggest?

I know the Italy SIM card sounds appealing, but I have no idea how much data I will be using and I'm not sure about understanding their offer since their site is only in italian and most of the plans are under image format so Google Chrome can't translate it. So maybe some help with this would be appreciated.

Also, I'm concerned about the nano-SIM. Will every company offer it? I don't want to get in trouble looking for nano SIMs everywhere once I get there.

Please, I'm awaiting an response from you guys. Thanks.
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janyyc (Offline)
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Default 09-06-2013, 15:11

I would recommend EuropaSIM -
50MB plus 25 incoming/25 outgoing minutes within EU plus 50 texts for 3€ a day.

CA: SpeakOut PL: Orange IT: Vodafone (2) JP: b-mobile data-only DE: Vodafone
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Default 10-06-2013, 20:26

Originally Posted by gr4v1ty View Post
For UK : I've found an Pay As You Go and it was something like 10GBP for 500MB of data + 300 texts + 10GBP credit to use for something else. This included the SIM card.
Try Giffgaff which is £10/£12 for 250 UK minutes, unlimited UK texts and 1GB of data (£10) or unlimited data (£12). Giffgaff is the budget MVNO of O2.

If you order through my friend's link, you'll get £5 free credit.
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