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Voice tariffs

Calls to Bite
Mo-Su 0-24
All other calls
Mo-Su 0-24
€ 0.00 € 0.09

Useful information

Changing the language of the services (Latvian, Russian, English):
Click on Bifri icon in your phone menu (initial setup is Latvian), choose -> Par mani (About me) -> Valoda(Language) and set up your language. Or call to free service system number 1641 for language changing.

How to monitor your account:
Click on Bifri icon in your phone menu and choose My Account option (free of charge, but when you roam abroad this option is free only for three times per day) or call to free service system number 1600 (roaming charges apply when you abroad).

Customer care:
Bite toll-free informative phone 1601, or 80001601 from other networks (free of charge)
BiFri package contains sim-card and user manual in Latvian, Russian and English.

Incoming call bonus:
For every incoming call from other latvian mobile networks you get € 1.00/min which will be added to your credit after the next refill. For this option activation you must send a message BONUSS to service system number 1600. You can see applied bonus credit when you check the account balance.

Data calls activation and setting up GPRS parameters:
Send a request message START to service system number 1600 or use Bifri menu in your phone (BiFri -> Internet -> Settings).

Additional costs and services
Messaging SMS to Bite: € 0.01
Other national SMS: € 0.06
International SMS: € 0.07
MMS to Bite: € 0.21
1 week (SMS Non-Stop MINI), € 0.43, includes unlimited Bite network and 100 national SMS (request message ND to 1600).
1 month (SMS Non-Stop MINI), € 1.07, includes unlimited Bite network and 500 national SMS (request message MS to 1600).
1 month (SMS Non-Stop Bite), € 1.42, includes unlimited Bite network SMS (request message BITE to 1600).
1 month (SMS Non-Stop), € 2.85, includes unlimited Bite network and national SMS (request message LATVIJA to 1600).
Checking add-on status: send a message STATUS to 1600.
Data Calls :Internet for a fixed fee:
1 day (20 MB): € 0.44; (basic rate)
1 week (100 MB): € 1.42
1 month (500 MB): € 4.27
Packages activation: send a request message DIENA or NEDELA or MENESIS to service system number 1600 - depending on whether you want to have the Internet for a day, week or month.
Internet with a per minute billing: € 0.01/min (request message MIN to 1600).
International Calls see here (in Latvian)
International Roaming see here (in Latvian)
Debiting method National calls: 1/1
International calls: 60/1
Roaming calls: EEA countries 30/1 (outgoing), 1/1 (incoming), other countries 60/60
Data calls: 1 KB
Recharges/credit/validity € 1.42/1.42, 1+2 months
€ 3.00/3.00, 2+2 months
€ 5.00/5.00, 2+2 months
€ 8.00/8.00, 6+2 months

Bite prepaid internet

Start kit with SIM card: € 2.83. The start kit includes 1GB of data.
You can then add one of the following bundles:
- MINI: € 7.83 for 4GB of data for 30 days;
- STANDARD: € 13.52 for 15GB of data at max speed for 30 days;
- PRO: € 20.63 for 25GB of data for at max speed 30 days;