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Cellular Abroad


Cellular Abroad offers basically two different services to its potential customers:
- an international sim-card;
- a national sim-card (you can choose among several countries).

The international sim-card, called "National Geographic Talk Abroad International SIM Card" has a British mobile prefix, plus a US prefix for incoming calls in the US (only). Billing is per minute, no set-up fee and data is available as well. You can also rent the sim-card instead of buying it. Their rates are not the cheapest, but quality should be better than most competitors. A big plus is the 24h free call center.

wide coverage (works in more than 130 countries, free incoming in 70)
GPRS/3G data capability
free US-based call centre
reliable & high-quality service
unlimited free SMS on the website
no set-up fee

60/60 (per minute) billing
higher rates compared to some competitors

What is probably more interesting, expecially for US citizens visiting Europe, Asia or the Pacific, is the National prepaid service, i.e. the possibility to get a national sim-card in advance before leaving for your destination overseas. Of course this has a fee to be payed compared to buying the sim-card once you arrive, but having the card in advance has its advanteges worth the premium to be payed.

get your national sim-card before you leave;
no registration problems
no activation problems
no language barriers

higher cost

Cellular Abroad also offers mobile phone renting as well as data sim-cards and mobile modems renting. Check the official website for more information.

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Additional costs and services
Setup fee none
Messaging Outgoing SMS: US$ 0.60 (€ 0.11 in EU)
Incoming SMS: free of charge
Data Calls available, starting from US$ 100/MB in UK click here for the rates
billing: 100KB increments
Debiting method 60/60


With National Geografic there are too many different rates to list here below and it's impossible to write a table divided in World zones; so it's better to check the Online Calculator on the official site.

Free incoming calls are available in 70 countries.