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...the website totally consecrated to GSM mobile prepaid cards offered by mobile GSM (and 3G) operators all over the WORLD!

Prepaidgsm.net originates as an amateur website for all those who think that the international roaming costs are too expensive. The idea of saving money and our authentic passion for mobile telephony gave birth to this portal, which is intended to include all information on prepaid offers by the different companies operating in most of the countries all over the World.

This is a service site for all those needing information for travels and stays abroad, and also a nice place where to exchange opinions on one's own experiences and to increas one's knowledge of mobile telephony.
Actually, the country and operators pages are implemented with a forum where the community members can talk freely about the mobile telephony world, as well as exchange and compare their own experiences. At present, the site has a community of over 300 forum members from over 30 countries, and has a monthly visitor share of over 30,000 on a planetary scale. Over the last few months, Prepaidgsm.net has also been indicated by Italy's most authoritative financial newspaper, "Il Sole 24 Ore", as one of the most important websites consecrated to mobile telephony. What the newspaper says about us best describes our activity: "a simple, yet intelligent idea".

What will you find on PrePaidGSM?

PrePaidGSM.net is divided in two main sections: National Operators and International Cards.

In the fist one you will choose the Country you are interested in and you will have a complete overview of the GSM and W-CDMA carriers operating in that specific country, including coverage maps from GSM-World and some technical data such as the net frequency. For each operator, if possible, you will also find a PrePaid offer with as many details we could find searching on internet and often thanks to our visitors who keep us informed and updated.

In the second section you will find some global solutions for using a GSM phone throughout the World with one simcard only; that's mostly useful for people travelling a lot and in different countries, mainly for business, but can be good for leisure time as well. International prepaid cards such as United Mobile (formerly know as Riiing) have become quite popular nowadays, and PrePaidGSM does its best to keep you informed and updated about this interesting subject.

Along with the two main sections, there is a community here on PrePaidGSM: people from all over the World with the common passion for mobile phones will discuss on our FORUM, which is the best place to go when you need some help. Everyone is welcome in our community which is getting bigger and bigger.

How to help PrePaidGSM?

As an amateur website, we cannot spend all our time surfing the net looking for the most updated information about all GSM operators in the World. And most of all, by now only one person takes care about all the information you find on this site, so it's impossible to keep everything updated regularly. Another problem is languages: most operators' sites are in the home language only, which make them quite hard to understand for an Italian/English speaker. So any help from our visitors is more than welcome. You can use both the Forum or our e-mail address to contact us and send us the most updated information.

Another way to help PrePaidGSM is buying one (or more, why not?) of the international cards which have referral agreements with us: Travelsim and Mobal. Just click here and discover how to help us and save money while you are traveling abroad!

Thank you in advance!