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Default Cheapest prepay mobile company in Greece? - 25-01-2010, 12:27

Cheapest prepay mobile company in Greece?

Hi, I am traveling around Greece for 8 weeks, and I need some advice on the best prepay mobile offer? What company has the cheapest prepay SIM card/service? I am interested in sending SMS (to Greek mobiles only) for a 2 month period. No roaming, no international, no internet, or other extras, just a few local calls (in urban areas), and most importantly I need to know who offers the CHEAPEST outgoing SMS . What company do you recommend? Which company do you have?

I think the complete list is here:
Vodaphone, Panafone a la carte , Telestet B-free, Wind, Cosmokarta, Ciao Mobile, Frog Mobile, Q Card 1, Kartokiniti, Mo'Mad (by Wind), Champion,

Thanks for your advice.
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Default 25-01-2010, 15:51

Here is the list:
PrePaidGSM: Greece
Since Wind offers you ALL the offers of the other operators, I think that if you go with Wind you are sure to have what you want.

Working Prepaids: IT: Wind, Vodafone IT, UNO Mobile; SM: Prima; UK: 3, Virgin; INT: TravelSIM, Truphone.
Deceased Prepaids: CZ: Oskar, Eurotel; SK: Orange; DE: E-Plus, Aldi, Simyo; GE: Geocell; AM: Armentel; PL: Heyah, Plus; LT: Tele2; LV: Amigo; EE: Elisa; UA: Kyivstar; NZ: Vodafone; INT: UM, UM+, ICQSim.
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Evan (Offline)
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Default 30-01-2010, 10:04

The cheapest option at the moment is the Wind F2G2. According to the table Effendi posted above, F2G2 charges 0.0017 Euro/sec (roughly 10 cents/min) for all the Greek mobiles and landlines and 4 cents per SMS to Greek *and* international destinations.

You need to buy a Wind F2G prepaid card and then dial 1342 to change your plan to F2G2. More info and details here:


The only "problem" you may face is that as of November 2009, all newly purchased prepaid cards need to be registered, therefore you need to have a Greek address. But I suppose that since you will be there for 2 months, you can use the address you will be staying for the registration.
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schoen (Offline)
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Default 30-01-2010, 22:54

are you sure that you need to have a greek address? As far as i know you "only" need a passport and SIM card number?
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Default 30-01-2010, 23:12

"short-term visitors and tourists will be asked for name, address and passport."
From here
Prepaid cell phone cards in Greece lose anonymity starting November 2009

Can presumably be a hotel.

Edit: I posted the wrong link. This later post says you may only need a passport:
Prepaid cell/mobile phones in Greece – Registration required

Last edited by DaveRo; 30-01-2010 at 23:41.. Reason: Posted wrong link!
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