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Default some thoughts on the article - 15-04-2017, 22:32

Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
Please check it out: http://prepaid-data-sim-card.wikia.c...pean_Union_NEW
And tell me what you think, what to add and what can be left out.
It will replace the old site with the old rules from June.

I did a quick peruse of the article. I am in USA and don't expect to
travel to Europe in the foreseeable future. So my thoughts might be mostly irrelevant. This looks like a very, very good start.

0. Should I have seen the 'edit' links? I really don't think you want me or anyone else touching this/your work.

1. When you do edit, have you considered marking the changes in some way for content that has changed or is different than what was there previously?
Marking content, but not style fixes. At least until you get to a near final product.

2. Trivia question. Living in California, the EEA has not been something I have paid attention to very much. Is the UK really, actually going to be leaving the EEA also?

3. Since a lot will change or become apparent as time marches on,
perhaps a regular update schedule can be announced and maintained?
Even if it says only that there was no update this week it might help visitors know when to expect changes.
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