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Default MiFi in France - 16-06-2011, 01:34

I couldn't find anything on this forum about using a MiFi in France with prepaid data. Based on the research I've done, this doesn't sound easy.

I'd like to by a prepaid Orange SIM, activate it in my unlocked phone, and then move it over to my MiFi to service my US iPhone and iPad and maybe even my MacBook Pro.

Anyone know if I've got a shot at this? It sounds like, as long as I stick to port 80 (web) then I should be relatively OK with this approach.

I can't figure out what to get on Orange's website, or even if there's a location at CDG.

Has anyone tried this? Am I in for a world of pain, and should I just suck it up and pay AT&T to get me through?
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Default 14-08-2011, 22:56

I have had no problem using MiFi with an Orange France 3G card - I could get browser and e-mail client functions on my netbook, and all functions on my Blackberry (both linked via WiFi to the MiFi - I left my Blackberry's native card in but turned roaming data off). The MiFi device was a UK 3 one which I had unlocked from 3 using a code found on the internet.
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