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Default Setting up PBXes to work with Tru & Telna? - 25-11-2011, 03:16

I've been playing around with a free account. Right now I have it set up to use my TelnaMobile account as an outbound route. (Obviously, if I had it set to use Telna as an inbound route I would never be able to receive calls on my Telna SIM.) Another thing I'd like to try is to use my Tru account as a forward-to number. Now, Tru goes to some lengths to try to make it very hard to use their service as a regular VOIP server by hiding the VOIP password. So, I don't think I could set it up as a trunk. However, you can call a Tru phone by URI and I have tested this with my Tru account. What I have not been able to do is to get PBXes to forward call to this URI. Is there a way to get PBXes to forward calls to a SIP phone, which is not a trunk?

Does anyone have any particular hints on using PBXes (or a similar service) that would interest our members. I have seen some good notes on the SipDroid site (such as using CID with "friends and family" calling plans.)
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