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Default Where in the World - replace lost number - for SMS verifications only - 24-10-2013, 23:10

So I need a robust solution for my online banking SMS verifications. Eg. I travel, lose my SIM card and it's impossible to replace when abroad, can't log in to online banking - a nightmare!

Compare European banks with US banks: most European banks harass their customers with all these verifications; they save you for yourself. US banks usally require only a user name/password combo. Bearable if you don't travel but you can't build on it if you travel a lot, live internationally. Your bank usually can't handle an SMS number change if you are abroad.

So is there such a SIM card issued in any country which - when I lose it - they can preferably send me my old number to an international address by mail? Best option. It is also helpful if it is cheap to maintain the number, preferably you don't have to top up regularly, just send an SMS to it from another number to keep it active.

Best option is if I build an online system just for myself, there are similar services where you can send an SMS number to a public service and they show the SMS on an online interface, most notably:

Or I leave the SIM card with a friend or relative and when I do online banking I ask the confirmation code from him. Still not ideal, let's say net is slow, I can barely do online banking, not to mention initiating a Skype conversation abroad, my friend or relative is not always online, time zone differences... it is like shooting to a pigeon with an RPG. Not good solution. Screw banks.

Oh, and using a token for online bank logins is not better than SMSes.

What is your recommended solution?

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