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Default 05-03-2012, 09:38

Only problem with them remains that you can only have a maximum of 3 callback, callthru numbers.

Problem with callback is to identify the number.

When you call the callback number you use the caller id can be different.

in your home country it will show 01234xxx
outside your home country it can be +441234xx or 00441234

This means you will need to use 3 numbers to identify 1 callback number.
Problem is that when you have used 3 numbers gone is your callback if you want to use a second phone.

If you only use it as callback pbxes might be ok. I was using it to handle all my company calls on a daily basis. There were to many issues, no support, only a forum where you could not complain and if you did you would be blocked.

non paying users have the same server as paying users, no extra hardware for paying users. What do you pay for than ?

You pay for no support, many downtimes, if you want backup they simply tell you get a second account on another server to make things more complicated.

So if you want to use it only for callback or callthru, might be ok, but forget it when you want a reliable solutions for all your company voip communication.
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