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Default Dell Voice • free CA phone number • free calls • smartphone or PC - 14-02-2012, 15:21

Dell Voice • free new phone number to make & receive free calls to most of Canada using your smartphone or PC N.B. the features I bolded:
Dell Voice is available for iPhone, Android, BlackBerry (coming soon) and Windows PC. Plus, Dell Voice can even turn your iPod touch and tablet into a phone.
• Free to Download and Register
Free Canadian Phone Number
• Free Local and Long Distance Calling to Most of Canada
• Free Unlimited Incoming Calls

• Call any Mobile or Landline Number
• Phone Functionality
• International Rates Right at Your Fingertips
• Follow Me Service
• Data Usage
• Background Call Notification
• 911 Emergency Calls
• Keeping Your Existing Phone Number
This is geared to Canadians but you should be able to sign up from anywhere in the world and make free calls to Canada. If you're visiting Canada you can use the smartphone apps to make and receive free (or Skype-like cheap) calls on WiFi or a local data plan.

They want you to provide a valid Canadian address and phone number for verification however they don't seem to check it. As I understand it, this requirement is primarily to be able to locate you if you call 911 on their system. (Hint: Use a Canadian family member or friend's address and phone number.)

I've been using the desktop and Android apps for the past few days. They generally work but are still a bit rough around the edges. I'm sure they'll address those issues soon.

Note that the service is provided by Fongo and marketed under Dell's brand.

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