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Default Frog Mobile - 02-09-2013, 18:06

For our latest trip to Greece, I decided to obtain Frog Mobile SIM cards. Frog Mobile is a wholly owned subsidiary of CosmOTE with significantly lower costs for phone calls. Frog is 0,0042 €/sec. versus 0.0062 €/sec. for Cosmokarta/What's Up. FrogMobile

Frog reports they are available at Germanos and Public, but stores I find easy to deal with. Germanos at the airport had no Frog SIMs. My wife's family lives in a northern suburb of Athens. The local Public had only Wind. Germanos had no Frog and sent me to the OTE office around the corner.

I had previously vowed never to set foot in OTE, but decided to go in anyway. I picked up the catalog and found the Frog page so I would have something to show what I wanted. I figured out the drill was line up in from of someone at a terminal and wait my turn. I barely speak any Greek, but can understand a little more. This was the full Greek Bureaucratic experience. First I had to be registered with OTE. I had to provide a Greek address and the first name of my father. Total time about 1 hour.

Finally she went to look and found she had only 1 Frog SIM. It was regular size which would fit my wife's phone, but I never did get a micro SIM for my Nexus phone. I also wanted a COSMOTE Internet On The Go Prepaid SIM, but they only had a nano SIM.

Back to Germanos I quickly got CosmOTE SIM I needed. They quickly copied my Passport card and told me it would be active in 30 minutes. Less than 5 minutes total and I was out the door.

A few days later we came across an OTE office on the corner of Syntagma square and went in because there was nobody waiting. She checked in back and reported no Frog SIMs. Then she suggested we go to Germanos about 10-20 minutes away. I gave up on getting another Frog SIM.

A week later I stopped a random kiosk to get a Frog refill card. He had the 10€ card I wanted.

My Nexus uses US T-Mobile prepaid which roamed onto CosmOTE. I received a SPAM call from the US which I did not answer. I tested calling a Greek land line which rang. It appears roaming costs $1.79/min which is OK for emergencies. We kept all calls on my wife's phone.
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