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Default Routing outbound calls from a PBX via a VoIP gateway - 03-11-2009, 10:24

I know there are other dedicated forums out there, but I thought I would ask all you genius's first! The people who talk this over on the net assume you know all the jargon and ancronyms and it's usually quite hard to follow!

The setup I am working on has around 20 extensions which are wired into a traditional PBX box. At the moment outbound calls go onto a few normal PSTN lines. What I want to do is instead route some of these via VoIP. Ironically, I am not needing to do this for international calls but for calls made to Spanish mobiles! I have been advised to buy a €600 GSM gateway, (which would route outbound calls via a few Spanish contact SIM cards) but strangely, my calculations suggest that calls placed via Betamax SIP providers to Spain Mobile can undercut the mobile-to-mobile rates offered by the Spanish providers by a long way! But is it reliable to use a Betamax wholesale brand in an office setup? I suppose there is always the option of falling back onto normal PSTN if it does not work.

I think the bit of VoIP kit I am looking for is called a "PRI Gateway" but I really have no idea at all! I would guess I would need about 8 VoIP lines oubound. Has anyone done anything like this in a smallish office and got an idea of a rough cost for such a box of tricks?

Should I really be looking at something like Asterisk for a more flexible future solution? Any advice, contacts, experience or help would be much appreciated!
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