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Default 3 (Tre) SIM card and mobile internet - my experience - 02-06-2012, 12:40

I got a Tre (3) prepaid SIM card in Italy and was rather satisfied. Here my experiences:

Went to the 3-shop in Verona, near Piazza Erbe. Friendly guys who could speak english. They set up my SIM card in a few minutes, had to show passport/ID, no "codice fiscale" necessary.

I paid 20 EUR, which included 18 EUR credit. More than enough for my journey.

They booked "Super Internet", which gives 100 MB of mobile traffic per day. This is sufficient for surfing, emails etc, but you better do not use youtube or any bigger downloads. If you use more than 100 MB per day, you will be charged extra.

Super Internet costs only 5 EUR per month. It will be renewed automatically, so you better cancel it from the tre website (client area) after your journey.

Tre and Super Internet works only with 3G. Coverage is good though, i was surfing the net even during train rides in the country side. Only occasionally, in old buildings with huge walls, the reception was bad or off.

Super Internet works fine with Skype and also wifi tethering (hot spot on mobile phone) to my iPad. Speed was generally good, at least 2 Mb/s downstream.

With Tre you can also use TIM as provider with no extra costs - but beware: this is only for phone calls. Internet will be charged heavily, so configure your phone to use only Tre and not automatically switch to TIM.

After activation, you will get a configuration SMS. Be careful: this will change the standard homepage of your browser to some TRE-RippOff site. If you click on it, you will be charged 9 cents per click!

This site can also be used to check your credit - but it will still cost 9 cents! So immediately remove it and don't surf there anymore!

To configure your account, you shall use the normal Tre website, client area. At first, you must set up a password. If you cannot understand italian, get some help from the shop or some local.

You will receive a password by SMS. Then you have to log in with this password and change it to some of your choice.

Do all this setup while you are still in Italy. Then you can perform all configurations even from abroad.

After you come home, remember to cancel your Super Internet Renewal from the client area!

Your SIM can then be used on your next journey and remaining credit will still be there.

Hope it helped!
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Default 23-06-2012, 12:46

Thanks for your info
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