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prion (Offline)
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Default 09-09-2007, 17:47

I am also unable to dial a 09 number. I would advice you to call them at CS: +3545850909

sms arrives instantly though.

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plunderisley (Offline)
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Default 09-09-2007, 20:45

Called them up a while back, and talked with their support. They said after a few days that its not their side, but the other carriers and they can't do anything about it. I think thats cr@p because if I can't dial the 09 number from basically any USA carrier, whats the point of having it?
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kwantlen (Offline)
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Default 09-09-2007, 23:44

Are there any USA or USA VOIP carriers that can call the 09 mobile?

I cannot call from Canada to my 09 number. The only serviceprovider connectting to my 09 number is FIDO. I have intermittent success with PIN2TEST and one time it worked with SKYPE.

I have discussed this problem with customer service several months ago but have given up. They blame the local providers in Canada.

During my trip to South America I could neither call nor receive calls from Peru and Colombia. When I tried to contact them I received no answer.
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Bossman (Offline)
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Default 12-09-2007, 18:11

It sure looks like this iceland mobile number (this range +3543803) is worse than UM when it comes to calling or forwarding to it at a good rate. BTW, the new yackie card also supposedly in this range.

If at all you can connect to it. It's insanely expensive. The 2 calling cards I tried Mega and purple charge about $0.85/min and $0.78/min respectively. Forwarding to it is also very expensive

Voicestick - Don't think it works.
VBuzzer - $1.07. - $0.98.

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dg7feq (Offline)
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Default 12-09-2007, 18:55

yes, with calling cards it seems to be quite expensive to reach the 09 card.
When my parents were on africa trips some weeks ago i used either CBW (Pin2Dest) to call them for 15ct/min with quite bad quality or used one of the german call-by-call carriers (like 10-10 numbers in the US) for 26 euro-cent/min with crystal clear quality....


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