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Default Some useful Piranha information to change things from the handset rather than the web - 08-05-2015, 00:10

Here are four things that can be done from the handset that might be useful to know about.

Change roaming profiles.
Changing roaming profiles will give the user access to alternative networks in the US, Canada*, Alaska and Australia*. You can either change via your on-line account or by SMS protocol. To change via SMS, text PROFILE to 222, this will return a list of profiles or to change directly text 316 to 222 to change to profile AT&T (US), text 936 to 222 to change to profile GCI (Alaska), text 937 to 222 to change profile to Rogers (Canada) or text 964 to 222 to change profile to Vodafone (Australia). For default/standard profile, text 315 to 222.

Change dialling translation profile.
Example: if you choose the US profile you can call another US number without having to use the full international code. The user can change profiles via their on-line account or change via SMS, text DIALPROFILES to 222, this will return a list of dialling translation profiles or to change directly text 1 to 222 (US profile), text 3 to 222 (International profile), text 4 to 222 (Israeli profile), text 5 to 222 (UK profile), text 6 to 222 (French profile), text 7 to 222 (Australian profile).

Call Forwarding:
Piranhas call forwarding service uses advanced technology in order to optimize the cost of call forwarding. Like most GSM networks, Piranhas unconditional call forwarding (CFU) or on no response (CNFR), is charged to the user at the regular cost to terminate the call to the forwarded destination, but unlike most cellular or Roaming Sim providers, Piranhas call forwarding does not charge the cost of a standard roaming incoming call, instead you only pay the termination cost, rates are available on main website. You can activate/deactivate call forwarding for free, either from handset or your on-line account.
From Handset:
1. Activate call forwarding on no response: *114*number#
2. Activate unconditional call forwarding: *115*number#
3. Check call forwarding status: *116#
4. Deactivate call forwarding: *117#
From User Account:
1. Log into your account using your registered username and password.
2. Select the correct account/mobile number, if you have more than one account registered.
3. Enter the call forward number in the set call-forward field and click “Update Sim”
Note: When entering the number to forward all your mobile calls. I.e. US number 1202595xxxxxx or UK number 44741850xxxxx. Do not use ++ or leave spaces, always make sure the number you are forwarding too is correct. To turn off call forwarding, clear number and click “Update Sim” or dial *117# from your handset.

Call Off-Load:
This service introduced by Piranha is the landline or mobile Call-Back (also known as Call Off-Load). The idea which prompted this feature is the fact that traditional Call-Back can be expensive in some countries where Inter Operator Termination (IOT) costs apply, so instead of getting called back on the Piranha Sim, Piranha allows customers to be called back on a local landline or mobile. For example, a customer in India who would want to call Russia, is now able to request a Call-Back to their direct line in India, Piranha then connects the call to the intended destination in Russia. The call is triggered using the users Piranha Sim, and is billed to the customer's mobile billing account. You can find all call rates on the website.
Call Off-Load Set Up:
Making cheap calls using Call Off-Load:
1.Call *110*callbackDestinationNumber*callDestinationNumb er#Send
2. Call-Back Destination Number = number where the person initiating the call wants to be called.
3.Call Destination Number = number that the person initiating the call actually wants to call.
Once the landline or mobile rings at your destination, answer the call as normal, you will then be connected to the number you are calling. Your billing cycle starts once you answer the Call-Back.

*In the paragraph Change roaming profiles, I do not believe that the info for Canada or Austrailia is relevant any more.
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