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Default [Finland] flatrate data transfer - 12-01-2011, 15:37

I need to find myself a prepaid provider in finland that has some sort of flat rate for data transfer. I know that Saunalahti has one but paying 20EUR just to get emails on my phone is ridiculous. I know my brother has 384kbps for some 3 or 4EUR/month on a monthly payment plan. But you need a finnish social security to get this (again - ridiculous).

So - are there any finish prepaid operators that offer some sort of reasonable flat rate data transfer ?
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Timo (Offline)
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Default 05-02-2011, 07:55


I'm afraid that situation is as you described. Sonera is also offering prepaid flat rate data, but it's even more expensive and afaik you would have to buy start kit with usb modem for it. You didn't mention how long you are going to need it? The one you mentioned is for month with 1Mbps speed limit. Saunalahti has also weekly packet with 4Mbps speed limit for 6,90€ (and monthly packet with 4Mbps speed limit, but you was looking cheaper, not faster option).

Checking mail (especially with phone) doesn't usually generate that much data transfer, are you sure that normal 1,50€/MB is not cheaper for your usage? Maximum daily debiting amount in Saunalahti is 1,90€ regardless how much you use.

Your brother must be using DNA's Matkanetti 384, which is currently available for 3,90€/month, but as you said, it's available only for postpaid subscriptions. You could ask your brother to get one for you too, since he seems to be able to make contract for it.
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