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NYC10065 (Offline)
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Default Telenor Sweden - 21-04-2013, 15:58

I just arrived in Stockholm and bought a Telenor Sweden sim card at a Pressbyrån for SEK99.00. The sales clerk at Pressbyrån very helpfully informed me that the Telenor sim card included 7 days free communications. I placed it into my phone and was able to make local calls, send local SMS messages and use the internet with no problems at all.

The Telenor Sim card is a "duo" card which means it can be used for both regular sized Sim and micro sim (the micro sim pops out of the regular sized sim card).

Note: the sim card is locked by a PIN which is included in the documentation you are given along with the sim card. Do not lose that PIN until you have entered it AND turned off the PIN security option on the SIM card. You have a limited number of tries to input the correct PIN after which the SIM card is locked.
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Timo (Offline)
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Default 19-07-2013, 23:45

After reading NYC10065's post I also went to Pressbyrån and bought Telenor's prepaid card. Sales clerk showed me the startup kit envelope where 7 days free communication was mentioned, but she wasn't sure what is included and therefore was bit reluctant to sell that to me. However I decided to take a chance at ending up with useless card and was still bit afraid when saw 0 credit (not 100 SEK as mentioned in PrePaidGSM: Sweden). After all everything went just fine and I found everything written by NYC10065 to be still valid.

Different price plans shown in Telenor's website confused me and I wasn't sure what to expect but apparently they have only one startup kit with 7 day all included offer and 0 credit. After that 7 day period you need to top up your card with desired price plan shown at Fri - Marknadens mest prisvärda kontantkort - Den flexibla operatören Telenor

I bought the card for data usage and was also bit afraid about limitations mentioned in price plans, but data worked just fine as long as we were in Sweden. I didn't remember to check how much data we used, but lot of audio streaming while driving across country was included so if you use it just for browsing web and checking your email there should be no worries about limitations.
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Default 26-07-2013, 00:21

Originally Posted by Timo View Post
(not 100 SEK as mentioned in PrePaidGSM: Sweden)
The Swedish operators change price plans more often than I change socks!

It's almost impossible to keep tracks of all the changes, even though I live part of my life in Sweden. It's very annoying for everyday users to have such a lack of continuity. One seldom knows what the price plans look like when it's time to recharge.
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