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Lightbulb Hungary - 19-07-2010, 14:59

There seems to be very little recent information here about Hungary, so why not collect it in this thread?
Fortunately, all three carriers have good information online in English.


Coverage / Speed
Both EDGE and HSDPA are provided. Target speed values seem to be rather low...


Internet for mobile phones
Internet for your computer
I think their only prepaid offer is Internet Praktikum Recharge Card Mobile Internet where you pay 5HUF/min which is about 1EUR/h.



VitaMAX Party seems to be the best deal.

Prepaid Internet
50MB is free! Very flexible, but rather expensive.



Prepaid Domino plans
What a mess. I don't like any of their plans.

Prepaid Data plans
Not as flexible as Vodafone, cheaper only for 3GB/7GB.

I'll be in Budapest from September for at least 4 months.
I'll use a regular phone, a dongle and maybe a smart phone.
Actually I wouldn't mind post-paid either, as long as there is no loyalty.
What do you think of those offers? Anyone with hands-on experience?

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