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Default New online registration in Germany - 29-06-2017, 10:52

Just a reminder for everyone. From 1st of July a new online registration scheme will be enforced in Germany. The old system with just filling in a name and address on an online form proved to be too manipulative and corrupted by too many fake registrations. There were simply too many "Donald Ducks" in the system.

German prepaid brands will try different ways. The major operators can still be registered in their branded stores (where foreigners are often charged extra). The supermarket brands like AldiTalk and LidlConnect will use a video identification system now. There you will need to smile and flash your photo ID document (passport, national ID) over a cam and give a German address. Other ways are tried out too (by mail, fax, email etc....), but are quite time-consuming until your SIM will be actually activated.

There is a lot of discussion going on in the country whether this tightening of security laws really makes sense. Because of history Germans are much more critical about giving away certain surveillance rights to the state than in the US or UK, where SIM cards are still anonymous.

I updated this section for the prepaid data Wiki in detail.
Details for every brand are still unknown. So if you already have a German SIM you still want to register online, better do it before July 1st. This new law only concerns new registrations, not already existing (whether fake or not) subscriptions.

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