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Default 07-10-2010, 08:58

Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
I currently have 6 ekit cards. I have never had a US number expire until today. In the fine print it says the US number will expire if you do not use it in 3 months. I believe I have avoided this in the past by checking the account regularly [every 2-4 weeks] and reactivating the US number if it has become dormant..
I think you're supposed to make a chargable call (or text etc), rather than a reactivation.

I have a couple of US/Canada one-number sims. I put a call-forward on each sim when I'm not using it (which costs 9c/min when forwarded to US, no per-call charge) and usually there is an incoming wrong number or two each month to keep it alive.

(thanks for the reminder. Just found one of my numbers didn't get any recent calls, so I called it).
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Default 07-10-2010, 23:29

In addition to just making a call or text (paid service) and recharge periodically to keep the SIM active, you will also lose your US number without a call periodically. But you get a new number automatically if you lose your US number. They have sent me e-mail reminders about their policy if a SIM or number is about to expire.
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