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I have been trying to purchase a truphone sim card now for two weeks. I seem to be having some extreme difficulty with the website, and the truphone customer service. First, when I tried to add a credit card to the account that I created, the card is not authorized. I emailed and then spoke on the phone with the help desk. The first person I spoke with told me that it seems like they are having some problems, so what he was going to do was just mail me a sim card and then I could try adding a card when I activate the account. 10 days later no card. I call again, they tell me that they show no record of sending me a sim card, and that they would not send me a sim card. They said to try again to purchase one online, and if it does not work the problem is with my bank. I tried several different cards (with several different banks) none of them work. I call each bank and the banks all verify authorized charges by truphone that never post (so the charge was accepted). I try to explain this over email and phone calls with truphone. They insist that it is my banks error, not theirs. I try again and again to buy a sim card, each time verifying with my bank that a charge from truphone has been authorized. I explain that to truphone. No response. I even create an account with truphone voip, and add $5 to that account. Truphone ignores the email when I ask them to verify that there is a card added to that account.

As of this morning, I have now sent three emails that have not been answered. The whole process began over two weeks ago and I still have not been able to get a sim. I would like to purchase this sim, and I really like the "local anywhere" concept. I travel to Spain and the UK enough to where this would work (even before Spain becomes a "member" country). It seems difficult to believe that this company will actually succeed if they cannot even satisfy a costumer that is happy to give it business. Regardless of what the problem is, you would think that within two weeks they would find a way to accept my money for their product.
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