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Originally Posted by Truphone View Post
Hi All

It's been a while since we posted on here, but I have read this thread with interest. As you say, at present I would agree our offering is most relevant to those travelling between the US and UK, and most of our marketing thus far has reflected this. In terms of bringing other countries on board, we have a number of agreements signed with operators in new countries, however we also have to ensure that the product works correctly in these countries before launching - ie when you land, the connections is made to Truphone rather than a different roaming partner, the relevant IMSI works etc... We want our users to be confident in our product before they travel and the experience to be nothing short of seamless.

There is a lot of work going on behind the scenes currently to make using Truphone the best possible experience and to bring new countries on board quickly and efficiently. We also recognise the need to have packages and pricing not only for voice but also data, and we hope to have some exciting news on pricing very soon.

In answer to the final point, is there a market left for Truphone? A product which offers the best value in communications no matter where in the world you are? Absolutely there is. The product is by no means the finished article, and as we bring on more countries and our pricing gets more competitive, our market gets bigger.

Hello Truphone,

Let me start by saying that the little I've used your product, in supported countries and during roaming it has worked exactly how it was supposed to, which is something pretty good at this day and age.

I for one understand that the technicalities behind Truphone Local Anywhere have to be hugely involved and your service has not been on for even a year so getting things in place for solidly growing the product is important. For us customers, we just see no action for a long time and makes us wonder what's going on.

I guess my complain and I'm sure I'm not alone here, is that you are taking your sweet time to come out with new countries, and the current pricing as it stands it can hardly deter anyone from using their regular home service. It makes us all question hard if TLA has any change at this.

I still believe you do, but you have to come out with supported countries faster and your pricing has to be really compelling to make a difference in this space, specially with data, I think your voice rates on membership countries are actually fine.

Looking forward to hear all the new stuff down the pipe from Truphone
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