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Thumbs down Truphone Local Anywhere quietly increases pricing - 21-10-2010, 01:07

I just noticed that Truphone Local Anywhere has considerably jacked up their prices for incoming calls on roaming if you are a US customer. Check prices here

It used to be that incoming calls would cost you $0.26/min in most european countries but seems like they have quietly raised this up to $0.70/min unless I am missing something. This pricing is for the 'non membership' countries, that is countries where Truphone doesn't have local agreeements, which is virtually all of them at this point. Data is still at an unpalatable $2090/GB, yes, 2 grand per gigabyte.

I guess this is still competitive with straight roaming from US carriers like ATT or T-Mobile who tend to market roaming in Europe for $1/min incoming but it's sort of downer that they are increasing prices without notifying costumers.

Anyone else noticed this?
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