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Originally Posted by woody1 View Post
I'm planning a trip to Greece in May and I'll need mobile internet for about 3 weeks.

I've seen a couple of posts mentioning Wind Non Stop Plus, but I can't find the offer anywhere. Is it still available? If so, can somebody provide a link to some info about it?
I used Wind Plus Non Stop some years ago. I don't think it exists any more. Wind Non Stop Plus may be something different - they keep reusing the same phrases - but I can't see it on their site. Wind Plus seems only to be available in Greek.

Last year I was using WIND mobile internet 100 – 500MB for 5€ but that doesn't seem to exist either. I see some bundles here - eg Giga Surf:

The Cosmote bundles I was using still seem to exist (or rather the webpage still exists - which is not necessarily the same thing!)
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