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Default since you say 'any' - 16-02-2011, 03:32

Originally Posted by catlikegrace View Post
any advice would be appreciated.
Since you said 'any', I will ask the (hopefully) obvious one: Are the people using the '+' and the country code? = +3725xxxxxx
Or from their website it indicates an email alternative that would be free for you to receive and free for the folks to send:
Alternatively, you can send SMS by sending an email to 3725XXXXXXX(at), where (at) is @.
This is a start. If you can not sucessfully send an email to yourself something is wrong. Or an SMS for that matter from the website.

Here is some more info from their website::

Problem with Sending SMS:
The OneSimCard Balance should exceed $5 for SMS to go out.
Incorrect SMSC number (SMS Service Center Address) in handset settings. It should be set to +3725099000. You can find it in SMS settings of your phone.
SMS lifetime is short - must be at least 2 hours or set to Maximum settings.
Try sending SMS from OneSimCard menu
Problem with Receiving SMS:
Receiving Handset does not have enough free memory for incoming SMS.
Receiving Handset was turned off or out of the coverage area during SMS lifetime set on the sending phone - usually 2 hours.
Sender SMS provider does not have an agreement with the receiving network.
You should have at least $5 on your account for free messages to be delivered.
The last line might not be right as in another place it says:

Sending SMS messages from OneSimCard phone require balance of more than $5.00.
You can always receive an SMS message as it is free.

Please give an update when and if possible.
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