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And more good news is coming from the Netherlands. The first MVNO has gone down to domestic rates for EU-roaming. Tele2-attached *blieb has just published very good rates: 500 MB for €6 and 1 GB for €10 in all over the EU/EEA with Switzerland included for a change. Tele2 needed to react to Vodafone that scrapped all EU roaming surcharges on YOU combo packs and Blox add-ons on prepaid.

Unfortunately, in Germany the "discount" providers don't seem to react to Vodafone that will do the same here. I really can't imagine Vodafone scrapping all roaming surcharges and AldiTalk or Lidl Connect are still charging 23ct/MB.

The other side of the story is, that only single operators will offer EU roaming for domestic rates. Luckily, Dutch, Polish or German SIM cards are still freely available for users in other countries. This may change until the year (and transition period) is over.

I'm just rewriting the EU chapter for the 30th of April game changers. I think we will have some offers for everyone to be bought online and others in most countries that can be bought on location giving EU roaming at domestic rates, that's roughly 1-2ct/MB for data in packages. Halleluja!

As soon as the chapter is finished, I'll link it here for discussion what more to add. And of course, I'm still hungry for more offers. Even TravelSIM has gone down to 7ct/MB in packages (19ct/MB PAYG rate) for the EU, still overpriced .... but hey! Finally, we are moving in the right direction.

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