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Yes, I agree. But the "special offers" for roaming are very scrarce up to now. Nobody found a bargain or an improved roaming package of any provider (outside of the new regulated rate) so far on the other thread.

May be I can come forward with some good news. I found it very surprising that Vodafone in Germany is the only Vodafone company in Europe to scrap roaming surcharges on prepaid while other national Vodafone providers are still charging a lot for roaming on prepaid.

In the Netherlands I found hidden on a page:

YOU bundels:
Heb je een YOU S, YOU M, of YOU L bundel? Of een Talk or Text of Online Only BloX? Dan betaal je geen toeslag. Je belt, sms't en internet straks dus net zo voordelig in Europese landen als in Nederland. Tijd voor een tripje!

That's in English: You bundles: Do you have a YOU S, M or L bundle? Or a Talk & Text or Online Only Blox. Then you'll pay no surcharge. You call, text and use internet in Europe just as cheap as in the Netherlands. Time for a trip!

You bundles are Vodafone's prepaid combo plans in the NL, the online only Blox is a 1 GB pack at €10 on 4G/LTE. Unfortunately, Vodafones PR policy is a mess. What does this mean? Can you use the included allowances of the combo plans and data add-ons without surcharges on roaming as suggested? Or is "voordelig" a reference to the new Euro rate? It's a huge difference, if you sell 1 GB at 24ct/MB (=€240) which will be still possible, 6 ct/MB (=€60) which will be on some regulated rates or for €10.

Their forum seems to suggest the same:
Je hebt Vodafone YOU met een S/M/L bundel, een Online Only, een Talk or Text BloX of het Internet Dagtarief
Je kunt gewoon roamen uit je Vodafone YOU bundel zonder extra kosten

in English: You can just roam on your Vodafone You bundle without additional costs.
Astonishing is the country list further down the page: Switzerland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle of Man, San Marino and Monaco belong to the EU zone with Vodafone NL, with Vodafone DE, they don't for prepaid.

I understand that Vodafone has to do something in Germany and the Netherlands, the two markets where they are loosing customers rapidly now. But their roaming rates are a guessing game. Germany and the Netherlands are countries where you can still buy and ship SIM cards from/to abroad without (prior) registration. So many customers (and eBay merchants) will be interested to sell it Europe-wide. And in these two countries many users are still on expensive roaming plans. In Germany and the Netherlands Vodafone sends out free SIM cards by mail (within the country only).

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