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Exclamation Which SIM card should I get? - 04-05-2016, 18:06

Ok, the most useless thread, but I'm so tried of trying to find out which SIM meets my needs.

I'm going to Elba for several monts - maybe a year or even longer - and I study online. So I'd like to get a card that let's me use damn a lot of GB, as I want to use my mobile's internet with tethering on my laptop. (I checked my phone and it said I used 80GB one month... so really, a lot GB for cheap.)

English isn't my native language, sorry for the mistakes, sorry if this kind of thread isn't allowed around here, I'm just tired of trying to figure this out by myself. I don't understand much of techonology so reading the contracts (in Eng and It...) is breaking my brain. Please help this idiot.
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