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Originally Posted by rfranzq View Post
I am not sure that is confusing. Just a really bad deal as you indicate.
I guess I call it confusing because it is so anomalous that it suggests that whoever wrote it might not have understood the meaning of calendar month (it says mois calendaire in the French version so likely not a translation problem.)

However, I wouldn't call it a bad deal. You can top up with as little as €5. So, if you topped up with €5 on September 29th, and then another €5 on October 1, that is still a very good deal given that you still have the €10 to spend and 33 days of unlimited data.

Also typical of most things on Lycamobile websites it has a short expiration of 30 November 2013. The usual pattern is to extend in one form or another.

Interestingly, Toggle (owned by Lyca) now has the same deal, also for the calendar month only:

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