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I have just returned from a week in the Netherlands and found the Bliep card very good for data. My notes are as follows

- I tried to purchase on-line. The help section suggests you can pay by Paypal - but the only options offered are Dutch banks, so I didn't succeed in purchase.
- On arriving in Delft, Free Record store had gone out of business and Mobile Phone House was out of stock. I got the SIM card in GSM Shop, Delft
- The price was €15 for the starter pack - I only needed around €7 of credit for 7 days, but there seemed to be a minimum of €15.
- The purchase was very easy - no passport/ID needed. I walked out of the shop with SIM in less than 5 minutes.
- I had to set up the APN manually, as internet.arta, User/Password - blank.
- In order to activate the card, I had to send an initial text
- I changed tariff to the €1 per day-as this offers higher speed Internet.
- The card allowed tethering - we had 3/4 devices tethered.
- The network coverage and performance was excellent
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