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just thought i'd update, in case anyone is actually interested in following this thread.

this sim card did not work for me AT ALL for SMS in the following locations:

I could neither send, nor receive, SMS messages. Users who wished to contact me apparently could ONLY send messages to me via the website or by using the email method, except that the email method seems to modify even fairly brief messages into several SMS messages on receipt, thus racking up additional charges.

Using the SIM for telephone calls did seem to work alright, except that the weird ring back feature, etc. made it a little weird.

There has been no resolution to the problem, as of today. I'm extremely disappointed in this service, and even had business cards printed up with this number for international clients, and now it doesn't work. I would not recommend this SIM service, unless you're possibly only going to use it in northern or western european countries.

I was told that nobody else had ever reported such a problem, so perhaps it was merely a faulty SIM, I don't know. I also tried the card in two different unlocked phones, an iPhone 3G and a Sony Ericsson candybar/slider (it's so old, i forget the model number, although 580i seems to come to mind)... it didn't work in either phone.

The company has offered to credit me for the incomplete SMSs that were sent, but not for the data service charges I had to incur because the SMS wasn't working (the bulk of my expense - something like $160 worth) and couldn't keep in touch with clients and family as I'd hoped while I was (literally) on the road between Helsinki and Moscow - thus having to connect for internet service. However, crediting me with $10 or $15 doesn't really matter if I can't really utilize the SIM card ANYWAY, and probably WON'T, know that I know it doesn't work properly. So I am basically out $200.

Just thought I'd update. I cannot recommend this service at this time. If there is some acceptable resolution, my thoughts may change. As far as their customer service goes, it's been quite good - I'm just not happy with the (promised) service of the product.
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