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Default 16-02-2011, 16:54

i'm pretty savvy with international SIM cards, and most of my clients are as well, so yes - all of those solutions were tried. it appears the only way to get through is SOMETIMES from the website, and if someone sends an emailSMS to me. I cannot reply to anyone at all (i think? or maybe I can reply to a website SMS - i can't remember now).

i was trading messages for several hours late last night (in russia) with the onesimcard folks and they finally determined that yes, this is a legitimate problem, and have sent the ticket to the engineering people. now i can only hope they reimburse me the $170 i used in charges trying to send messages to people, and then having to resort to ENORMOUS data charges because nothing was being sent or received and I had to use email.

i'll update if there's any news.
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