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I have something that is close to that..a Peek9 non-voice GSM device that works on T-Mobile USA. Peek 9. Connect everyone, everywhere. Simple GPRS device with no microphone but has a keyboard, a small color display and a clickable scroll wheel. Will accept up to 5 email addresses (I just use 2 slots for Google and Yahoo) and will convert emails to flat text and receive some simple picture attachments. Also can do Twitter, Facebook and RSS feeds, but haven't done any of those. Also has a system triangulation map service (but no GPS chip; this is a pretty basic device). Can send SMS's easily to US mobile phone devices and can receive SMS's if someone replies to an SMS you send (apparently it doesn't have a fixed SMS receive address). Have a device with an unlimited service monthly fee as long as the device (or the company) survives. They have a US version (what I'm using), a European version through Spotnik Switzerland (many reports of service and customer service problems with that version so I'd steer clear of it until their reliability maybe improves), and a version for India sold through Aircel.

The US Peek service had a major service hiccup a couple of months ago with a M2M provider that went under so they had to swap old Peek devices for new ones and switch accounts over. I lost service for a couple of weeks or so while that happened but am now back on the air.

It's a niche device but I hope they do well with it.

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