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Default 12-06-2018, 17:45

Again. The question is: what are you up to?

A SIM card that works abroad. - what's so special?
Most SIM cards include international roaming and work in other countries.
You keep on mentioning this SIM. For what reason? Now on a new thread agian.
When I ask you about specifics: plans, top-ups - you evade and open a new thread.

Again, what do you want to say to us with that proposal?
Next: are you going to lie again and send some links of plans which can't be activated on this SIM as you did some days ago???
What's your plan???
Do you want to boast, sell, fool. tease or what?

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Default 10-06-2018, 08:19
I got this simcard from AIS Thailand and I activated the unlimited Dataplan with 2 mbits.
Here you can choose between the unlimited data which is very cool

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