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Default Need help with best value iPhone4 prepaid voice/data plan for Paris Oct.26-30 - 18-10-2011, 17:00

Hello all. I tried to buy a prepaid iphone4 microsim card from eBay but never received it.

So I probably have no choice now but to buy one when I get to Paris on Oct.26th. I was wondering if I could get suggestions as to:

1. Cheapest voice/data prepaid plan while in Paris from Oct.26-30. Moving on to Spain for 2 weeks.
2. I will be placing calls to Canada once or twice a day.
3. I will be placing calls to Spain once or twice a day.
4. I want to use my Safari Browser for web-browsing & email as well as my Google Maps app.
5. Would also like to use local Metro apps in Paris, Barcelona & Madrid while on our trip.

I was originally thinking Orange Mobicarte but it looks like I would have to wait 48hours for the data part, which would not work for me

Thanks in advance to those who reply!
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