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Default Smart Buddy-----Philippines - 06-10-2014, 01:25

I have had a Smart Buddy [Philippines] SIM since 2007.
It stays alive for 120 days with no balance and receives
SMS for free when it is alive.

I have traditionally loaded 115 Pesos whenever I load it.
International SMS costs 20 Pesos. I would load four
times to get an even number. [4x115=460/20=23 SMS]
And when the balance gets to zero I let it sit for a few months.
[115 equals about $3 and lasts 45 days.]

Well [& this is my question], the balance last week was 2.5 Pesos instead of the usual 5 Pesos.
Does anyone know what or where the other 2.5 Pesos went?
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