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Thanks Effendi. I was hoping to go with TIM as I had a bad experience with WIND in 2010.

Our cycling and driving tour covers the following cities for about 2.5 weeks.
Chianti, Siena, Buonconvento, Montalcino, Montepulciano, Cortona, Umbertide, Perugia, Florence

I figure I'll get a TIMxSMARTPHONE 4G for myself and a TIMxSMARTPHONE for my wife. I might need to do some tethering.

We'll only need to make local calls, so which phone / SMS plan do recommend with TIM?

So 15 euro / week total x 3 weeks = 45 euros. We arrive in Florence airport at 6p on a Thursday and rent a car to drive down to Grieve, any chance of hitting a TIM store that day? Or will we need to come back on Friday morning?
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