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Default Google Nexus One in Italy - 22-09-2010, 22:19

Hello Everyone!
I will be traveling to Italy for 2 weeks in October. My friend is going to let me borrow his Google Nexus One. Can anyone here confirm that it will work?

I am planning on getting a SIM card with TIM (from what I hear, TIM has best coverage, faster speeds, and lower cost than most). I don't really plan on making a bunch of calls when I'm there. I really want so I have access to the web (so I can look up good places to eat, email photos to friends, have google translate some stuff for me) and for google maps. Can anyone tell me if google maps will work on the phone in Italy?

Also, what TIM plan do you think I should get. Again, maybe 20 minutes worth of calling the whole time I'm there. Really, I just want mostly data.

Thanks for your help!
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