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Originally Posted by adam917 View Post
You said 'an SMS'. What about CHECKING MY BALANCE? I seemed to have been charged for doing that! I just checked my account on-line and one of the SIMs I have shows I was charged 40 cents for each time I checked my balance. I will call customer support next time it's open.
Adam, I am not sure why you have not contacted Support or PMed me your account email as requested. It does not make sense to keep posting and reposting your questions here. It has been 4 days since your original post. We can't help you if you remain anonymous.

If you reread my first reply you will find: "no you should not be charged for checking your balance through the OneSimCard Menu on your phone." If you were in fact charged for this, then Customer Support will be able to issue the appropriate refunds. You do not need to call, you can use the online ticket system located on the support page OneSimCard Online Support and someone will probably get back to you tonight.
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