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Originally Posted by adam917 View Post
I recently got a OneSimCard global SIM and sent a single text message from it (with delivery report & reply request on, which is fine with every other company I used so far) but got charged 2 USD. I checked the balance several times using the SIM Tool-Kit menu. Does one get charged for checking their balance this way? I am in the US. What could be possibly causing me to be charged this much for just one action?
Adam, no you should not be charged for checking your balance through the OneSimCard Menu on your phone.

Have you contacted Customer Support? This forum is not a good place to get help if you have any billing or technical questions. Please go to Contact Us - or call +1-617-489-5952 to contact our support department so they can look up your account and verify the charges with you. If there are any errors then they will be refunded. Please feel free to report back here on the resolution. Thank you.
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