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Originally Posted by inquisitor View Post
Have you considered buying a Lidl mobile SIM? Lidl mobile is a tariff offered in Lidl supermarkets (which btw are coming to Canada in 2012) but realized by Fonic and identical to Fonic in service and tariffs except for the cheaper data rates. They have a monthly flatrate (with bandwidth throttling after 5GB) for just € 14.99/month. In contrast Fonic throttle bandwidth if you exceed 500MB per day (for the rest of the day) or 5GB per month (for the rest of the month), whichever applies earlier.
Do you have any links for Lidl service & product availability? If it is a re-brand of fonic services then it runs on the o2 network so it would be worth a look as long as the SIM and top-up cards are widely available. Really, coverage and network speeds are more important to me than absolute price. So this is why I am shying away from eplus-based services- I would prefer to stick with one of the big Euro/German carriers - T-Mobile, o2 or Vodaphone. Ortel seems to offer very good pricing but they are eplus, correct? (both subsidiaries of KPN)

My phone is a Samsung Galaxy S2, so it definitely would be compatible with any Euro frequencies for coverage.

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