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Originally Posted by frodonl View Post
Just a little update...

I did get Fonic, and it worked perfectly for me!

Thanks once again, inquisitor!
Hey frodonl-

did you use your SIM for basic cell, smartphone or exclusively data use? I am on a trip to Germany next month too, and have been thinking fonic offers the best balance of coverage & speed vs. cost on prepaid, no-contract services- their cost is higher than other offers but being an o2 subsidiary they should have far better coverage and network speeds.

I have an Android smartphone, laptop and DSLR with wifi (Eye-Fi SD card for automatic uploads). I'm torn between just buying a SIM for the phone and wifi tethering all the other devices, or going all-out for the smartphone AND a 'Surf stick' USB key, especially given it seems most hotels charge for Internet access in Europe still and €25/mo. seems cheaper than paying an extra €5-10 to use a hotel's service.

I will be primarily in Cologne and Hamburg- would an electronics store like Media Markt be the best place to purchase these?
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