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Originally Posted by VladS View Post
I too have been using their V33 (France) card for about 6 months now and haven't had any issues aside from a small billing issue with the initial order.

The V33 product is basically an SFR postpaid account, billed to your credit card in US funds on a monthly basis.

Potential buyers should note the annual $60 usage requirement.
You are talking about their offer for non EU residents. My first post described their offer for EU residents, which is again SFR postpaid, but is billed in Euros and has 15 EUR usage requirement each 3 months. Once I receive my first bill, I will report my impressions as well.

Also, as I already said, keep in mind it is not possible to deactivate the voice mail. Can you check if the voice mail cannot be deactivated also for the V33 SIM card you have?
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