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Default 24-02-2008, 14:41

Follow up Voice Question: Are there any True UK providers (e.g. not Jersey or IOM) which have free incoming and decent outgoing rates in France? 3 looks like the best so far, but I was wondering about the MVNO's.

Turning back to Data. I pay $19 US a month for unlimited with TMobile USA. While the network is 2.5g, I could download bit torrents and they wouldn't care. (I'll be reading War & Peace while I wait). While the connection speed is only EDGE, it will be 3g in just a couple of months.

When I go to Dubai, however, that same $19 will only get me 20 megs with one of the two carriers. The other is twice that. Everything is relevant.

There have been two to three threads on data in France and no one has had any great ideas. I'm all ears on this one.

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