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Default Telenor Sweden - 21-04-2013, 14:58

I just arrived in Stockholm and bought a Telenor Sweden sim card at a PressbyrÄn for SEK99.00. The sales clerk at PressbyrÄn very helpfully informed me that the Telenor sim card included 7 days free communications. I placed it into my phone and was able to make local calls, send local SMS messages and use the internet with no problems at all.

The Telenor Sim card is a "duo" card which means it can be used for both regular sized Sim and micro sim (the micro sim pops out of the regular sized sim card).

Note: the sim card is locked by a PIN which is included in the documentation you are given along with the sim card. Do not lose that PIN until you have entered it AND turned off the PIN security option on the SIM card. You have a limited number of tries to input the correct PIN after which the SIM card is locked.
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