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Originally Posted by borjeg View Post
What's the situation for a foreigner buy a prepaid SIM in Cyprus. Anything one should think of?
As of 2010 (my last visit to this wonderful island) it was really easy to get a SIM-card. Every corner shop has starter-packs, which do not need any further activation.

If you plan to visit Cyprus more often, I guess it´s better to choose Cytavoda/Vodafone, as the card remains valid for 1 year w/o recharging, whereas their only competitor (Areeba or similar?) expires after 30 days.

Originally Posted by borjeg View Post
I'm referring to southern Cyprus, not the occupied part.
As far as the Southern-Cypriot's version (which the EU adapted) is concerned, the Northern part is "occupied" - however I advise you to study some history books to see what led to those unfortnate events to get a complete picture
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