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Default 09-05-2018, 16:10

I've had SIMs in Spain, Austria and now Italy.

I got the TIM International SIM in Trapani for 20 Euros. I could have either 10 GB with some amount of voice and texts (forget how much) or 30 GB of data.

This SiM was for my iPad Pro so I opted for data and used about 10 GB over 1 week before leaving Italy. I could have used more but I used Wifi at hotels. In most cases, TIM 4g was faster than hotel wifi.

Now I have 2 hour layover in Munich and when I first took my iPad off airplane mode, it showed Telekom 3G but at some point switched to 4G. At the terminal I got 133 Mbps down, 39 Mbps up. Faster than TIM, at least in parts of Sicily.

Finally a great experience with RLAH!
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