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Default Piranha as VOIP provider? - 17-08-2017, 23:35

Originally Posted by davidtheprof View Post
........... but I do use Piranha for VOIP (without the Simcard, using Acrobits SIP client) which seems to receive calls on both a UK and US number (yes, texts are a problem), and I can make cheap calls to anywhere at reasonable quality on free roaming data or high quality on wifi. I don't bother with the Piranha simcard anymore.

Originally Posted by Bossman View Post
............. Doing the same with piranha Voip, using the resort Wi-Fi. I don't even know where my piranha SIM is.
You both seem to be happy/satisfied with using Piranha as your Voip provider.
[inertia?? you had the SiM and it works well enough so why bother changing something that is working OK?].

Does Piranha "work good enough" for your uses?
On Piranha's website they suggest Zoiper. Any reason not to?
This is mainly for experimenting and not serious use.
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